Coming Up Next!

Hey folks! No new recipes today, but just wanted to give a quick update on what I’m currently working on. I have a lot of unrelated projects I’m working on: I have freelance writing work I do, I’m currently starting my first draft of a SciFi novel, I’m in the planning stages of a screenplay, working on this blog, and since I work from home I also take on a lot of the household duties. Needless to say, I’ve been busy! But I promise delicious treats are coming up soon. Without further ado, here’s what to expect soon:

Blueberry Lemon Cake

blueberry lemon cake with a lemon buttercream frosting, topped with fresh blueberries and candied lemon peel

I’ve never made a naked cake and wanted to give it a go. I feel like it works really well with this since the lemon flavor is in the frosting. Making it a naked cake means it’s not overpowering the blueberry and vanilla in the cake! The components shown here are:

Vanilla 1-2-3-4 cake with blueberries

Lemon Swiss meringue buttercream

Blueberry jam in the center

Fresh blueberries and candied lemon peel on top

blueberry lemon cake with a lemon buttercream frosting, topped with fresh blueberries and candied lemon peel. a piece of the cake has been cut out to show the blueberry jam inside
Yes I spent way too long painstakingly arranging those blueberries.

I want to tweak and keep testing the recipe right now – I was hoping for a more powerful blueberry flavor and I feel I haven’t quite gotten it down yet. I’m thinking of tweaking the amount of sugar in the cake because right now I think the sweetness is overpowering the tartness of the blueberries and I want a nice balance between the two. I also need to tweak my jam a bit. But there WILL be recipes for all 4 components, plus tips on getting the “naked cake” look.

I also need to take SO MANY PHOTOS. Photographing recipes takes a long time and I want to make sure they’re a good aid for people trying to make something like this for the first time. Hopefully, this will all be done by next week!

Also upcoming

Stout Beer Brownies — I’ve made a batch of these and I really like them, but I want to make sure the chocolate flavor doesn’t get overpowered by the stout!

Lemon Bars — because it is SUMMER for those of us in the northern hemisphere and everything needs LEMON dammit!

Vegan Macarons — My first post was a guide to macarons in general and I’ve wanted to try out vegan macarons for a while now. Of course, macarons are notoriously finicky so this may take some time, but I really want to get it down!

As a side note…

I’ve been listening to Young Enough by Charly Bliss while I test some of these recipes and it such an amazing album. I can’t focus on writing and music at the same time, so I usually listen to new albums while I bake. It’s wonderful and I highly recommend it, especially their song Capacity.

I’d love to hear from you guys — what do you listen to in the kitchen? Or do you prefer it to be quiet while you bake? Let me know in the comments!

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